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Frequently Asked Question


1. How to install The PC Antivirus?

To install The PC Antivirus please follow these steps: Download The PC Antivirus click on the downloaded file.
confirm the terms and conditions.
let the installation process finish (this might take a couple of minutes).
For further information and detailed screenshots please click here

2. How to manually remove The PC Antivirus?

In the unlikely event you wish to remove our application, you can easily uninstall just as you would any other software on your computer: Automatically:
Click Start in the lower left corner of your screen From the Programs menu, select Shied Antivirus. Select Uninstall. Follow the on-screen prompts until finished. Manually:
Click Start at the lower left corner of your screen Click in the Control Panel menu button Choose Programs/Uninstall a Software Mark the The PC Antivirus under the applications list Choose Uninstall

3. What are the minimal system requirements for The PC Antivirus?

The PC Antivirus is compatible with the most common minimal computer resources:

  • 512MB of RAM
  • 32- or 64-bit versions of either:
      Windows XP Service Pack 3
      Windows Vista Service Pack 1
      Windows 7 or Windows 8
      Newer Service Packs than the minimum listed are supported.

*Recommended: 1GB of memory, a broadband internet connection, and latest Windows and Internet Explorer updates.

Supported email clients (applies to email protection):

  1. Microsoft Outlook 2000 or newer, including Outlook 2014
  2. Outlook Express on Windows XP
  3. Windows Mail on Windows Vista
  4. Other email products that use SMTP/POP3 for sending and receiving messages, including Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and many others.

Note: SSL and TLS Internet security protocols are only supported with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Windows Mail.

4. Can I install The PC Antivirus edition on my mac?

The PC Antivirus is currently compatible with the Windows operating system/s only. A new Mac version is due soon, so please make sure you keep connected through our website for future releases and updates.

5. Does The PC Antivirus has a refund policy?

Yes, The PC Antivirus has a refund policy. The request for the refund must come to us by Telephone or Email within 30 days of the purchase date (or within the time specified). Proof of purchase date, purchase price, and product ownership must be verified by The PC Antivirus to be valid for a refund. If your confusion is still not resolved, you may call at the toll-free support number +1 877 207 6367.

6. I have installed Windows 10. Will The PC Antivirus work on my PC?

The PC Antivirus is particularly configured for Windows-operated PCs. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that The PC Antivirus will work smoothly on a Windows 10 PC. If you still have any remaining query, feel free to call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367.

7. How can I update the current version of The PC Antivirus?

Updating your current version of The PC Antivirus is a child’s play. If you have the The PC Antivirus application installed on your PC, you will get an automatic update notification. All you have to do is to click on the ‘Update Now’ button and wait for the entire updating process to complete. In case, you need any technical assistance regarding updating loud 7 Antivirus call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and get instant help.

8. The PC Antivirus is not working on my PC. Where can I get assistance?

The PC Antivirus has been designed and configured by the best minds and developed by the most responsive tech-support team. If due to any technical glitch, you are unable to experience The PC Antivirus protection on your PC, call instantly at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and find solutions to your every query.

9. What is real-time active monitoring and protection?

Real-Time active monitoring and protection is an advanced feature of The PC Antivirus that detects and prevents multiple cyber threats online and offline and monitors your PC with several detection methods and advanced algorithms. This is all happening within the minimal time taken by The PC Antivirus software. Interested to know more about features? Call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367.

10. I am clicking on The PC Antivirus icon on my PC but cannot see it starting. What should I do?

This can be due to any technical malfunctioning on your PC and requires professional assistance. Give us a call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and be assured of certified technicians guiding you through all your queries.

11. My PC has no internet connectivity. Do I still need to install The PC Antivirus?

Well, to be honest, it is advisable that you must install The PC Antivirus even though you do not have internet connectivity on your PC. The probability of virus intrusion on an offline medium is also high and spreads through infected pen drives and compact disks. To know more about such threats and how they are spread, call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367.

12. My question is not listed here. Whom should I call for help?

If you cannot find your question listed here, call at the 24*7 toll-free helpline number +1 877 207 6367 and get instant assistance on every query that you may have regarding The PC Antivirus.

13. Will install The PC Antivirus affects my PC performance?

No, installing The PC Antivirus will not affect your PC performance in any possible way. On the contrary, it will safeguard your PC from different malware and keep it working at a smooth pace. If you have any further query call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367.

14. How can I have my purchased license of The PC Antivirus?

Your purchased license is an authorized proof of your payment for The PC Antivirus application on your PC. Keeping in mind the confidentiality of the document, we do not give access to fetching purchased license through our website. Instead, you can make a quick call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and get instant assistance from our trained support team members.

15. Do you have a patch management policy?

Patch management is a process of identifying, acquiring, installing and verifying patches for various security and functionality problems in software. Patch management mitigates software vulnerabilities and reduces the possibilities of exploitations. The PC Antivirus has a well-developed patch management policy that provides high-end security and fixes all software flaws.

    If you want to know more about the patch management policy of PC anti viruses, call us at our helpline number at +1 877 207 6367. Our certified technicians will help you with all your doubts.

16. Is there a way to change or reset the true key master password in PC?

Yes.You can change your true key master password in The PC Antivirus. Call us +1 877 207 6367. Our certified technicians will do it for you.

17. Are all operating systems equally vulnerable to rootkits? Is there any advantage to using one operating system versus another?

Rootkit is a type of Trojan horse, that when installed in a PC, changes the operating system and gain remote access of your computer. These rootkits replace normal program and the system becomes corrupt with malicious files. Even though your system will look normal, but in reality, your system will subvert the security of the computer and execute these malicious files.
Different operating systems are differently vulnerable to various viruses. Linux is known to be resistant to viruses but they do get affected by malicious files.Rootkits can affect all kinds of operating system.

18. My computer's CPU usage is more than 50%, and outgoing network activity is far from normal, so I suspect my computer may be part of a botnet. How can I confirm this?

The The PC Antivirus scan can detect whether your system is a part of the botnet. It will run an in-depth scanning of your system and will show significant detection of different threats. The rootkit detector installed in the The PC Antivirus will detect if a rootkit has been installed. It will also detect the other malicious infections of the system. The procedure does not use up much CPU or major source of traffic. You can also check for external IP service. If you find any IP address is blacklisted for planning, then it is possible that your system has been infected with spam BOT.

19. My account is locked. How do I get back in?

If your account has been locked, it can be because of several reasons. Call us at our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367. Our technicians will unblock your account, and you will be able to access again.

20. I need to protect additional devices. How do I buy extra licenses?

One license key can be used in five different devices. If you want to protect additional devices apart from your computer, you can install the antivirus in that device and use the same key code to activate the software. If you are facing any difficulty, during activation, you can call us at +1 877 207 6367. Our certified technicians will solve your problem.

21. Is this antivirus compatible to all types of Operating system?

Yes. The PC Antivirus is compatible with all kinds of operating system. Its customized features provide protection to all devices of different configuration. The software also comes with a well-configured mobile app. Therefore, it is compatible with Android as well.

22. Why are some PC product features not available to Mac Users?

The features of The PC Antivirus are compatible with all devices. If certain features are not working on your Mac, there might be some issue that needs to be fixed. Call our certified technicians and solve your problem. Our toll-free number: +1 877 207 6367.

23. Why should I pay for Anti Virus when there are free solutions available?

A free version does not always come with adequate protection features. It usually comes as a trial version and expires within a month. On the other hand, the paid version will scan in much more depth and will give you the protection of life. Therefore, it is always advisable to go for a paid antivirus than a downloading a free version. Call us at +1 877 207 6367 to know more.

24. How many devices can I protect with my subscription?

The PC Antivirus will provide security to five different devices with one true master key. You will receive this key when you purchase The PC Antivirus for your computer. For more details, you can call our certified technicians at +1 877 207 6367.

25. What happens when The PC Antivirus finds a virus on my PC?

The The PC Antivirus works like a strict invigilator of your PC that has no mercy for virus or malware. The minute The PC Antivirus detects a virus on the PC, the efficacy of the program is visible to you. Threat notification will be shown to you immediately, and once you give access to working against it, the application will start its virus removal program.If you are stuck with any difficulty in understanding how The PC Antivirus works, call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and find quick help.

26. Can I just rename my files and regain access to them after it is encrypted?

Once you become a victim of ransomware, your system will be completely locked. You will not be able to access any of your files. Therefore, you cannot change the name of the files and folders on your system. Once your computer becomes encrypted, the only way to get back your access is by paying a ransom.
If this answer is still unclear to you and you want to know more, call us at our helpline number at +1 877 207 6367. Our certified technicians will help you to recover your files.

27. What features will you find in The PC Antivirus?

The PC Antivirus is equipped with plenty of productive features:

      A. Deep Threat Scanning
      B. Real-Time Active Monitoring and Protection
      C. Email Virus Protection
      D. High-Performance Anti-Malware/Adware Engine
      E. Advanced Anti-Rootkit Algorithms
      F. History Cleaner
      G. Scheduled Scanning
      H. Secure File Eraser
      I. Automated Updates

To know more about Adeeba E Services and packages, call now at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367.

28. Is there anything else unusual about this Ransomware?

One of the most unusual things about this Ransomware is that they spread like an epidemic. Over the years, these ransomware attacks have shown a steep rise in its growth graph. They are extremely strong and even cyber police fail to decode the virus. Unwitting users normally spread this ransomware from one machine to another. Once the system is encrypted with ransomware, it is very difficult to decrypt them. People across the world are paying a huge amount of money, just to get their data back. These hackers are earning in millions, by targeting users across the world. So be aware and get ultimate protection from ransomware. For more solutions on ransomware, call us at +1 877 207 6367.

29. Ransomware infections are only for PCs, right? Is my Smartphone safe?

A ransomware attack can come from all form of gadget. If you are accessing the internet, downloading unsafe software from your phone, clicking on untrusted sites, you are at high risk of becoming a victim of ransomware attack. Therefore, your smartphone is not smart enough to protect you from ransomware. It is always at risk and can encrypt all your files from the mobile as well. Therefore, it’s always better to install an antivirus. Have more doubts? Call our certified technicians at +1 877 207 6367.

30. How The PC Antivirus figures out that Ransomware has infected the system?

Ransomware infection will instantly encrypt all your files and folders and lock you out of your device. However, if you are secured with The PC Antivirus, you will have a threat notification of a Ransomware trying to get into your system illegally, and with immediate response, you can take action against it. If you still have doubts, you can call us at our toll-free number.

31. What is Crypto Wall?

A crypto wall is a highly destructive form of ransomware that takes away all your data space with RSA-2048 decryption. The user usually downloads this virus while surfing through various online sites, gaming and clicking on unsafe links. Whenever a crypto wall attacks a user, it takes all the Microsoft documents and turns them into jumbled text and random HTML code. Once the crypto wall is successfully executed, the files will automatically copy themselves throughout your PC.
If you have more questions regarding crypto wall, you can contact our customer support at +1 877 207 6367.

32. Does The PC Antivirus has a gaming mode?

No. The PC Antivirus does not have a gaming mode. The initial framework of The PC Antivirus had a gaming mode option. However, with the increasing demand of our clients to disable the option due to interferences in their gaming experiences, we decided to roll out the gaming mode option. To know moiré about other features and services, ring us at our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367.

33. What should I do if I suspect or find Crypto Wall on my computer?

Crypto wall is an extremely dangerous ransomware that can encrypt all your data. The hackers ask for money in exchange for your confidential information. If you feel or suspect that your system has been corrupted with the crypto wall, get assistance as soon as possible.
Call the cyber police immediately for assistance. You can also call us at +1 877 207 6367. We will help you with your required assistance.

34. Is there any data restore option in The PC Antivirus?

Yes, The PC Antivirus has a functional data restoring option. Infected files stored in the Quarantine can be accessed in times of need, and after the virus removal, you can again restore back it to your PC. In case, you are facing any technical error give a call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367, even if it is in the middle of the night.

35. Do you have anti-phishing email security?

Yes. We do have an anti-phishing email security. Phishing is a hacking method, where the hacker gets your personal details like the credit card, username, password, bank details etc. They disguise themselves as websites with authentic entities and attack the user. This happens when the users give their details on unprotected websites, clicks on remember the password and does not log out after the work. Phishing is an extremely dangerous form of hacking and can make you go bankrupt.

36. Do I require a secure password for The PC Antivirus?

No, The PC Antivirus does not need a secure password separately. The software has been configured to make sure users find no difficulty in using it and limits to only its utility purpose.

37. Are you training users on the dangers of phishing?

Whenever you will call the support department of The PC Antivirus, our certified technicians and support team will be there to clear all your doubts and solve all your problems. Anti-phishing training is very important, as millions of people are becoming the victim of these attacks every day.
Phishing is a serious issue, and even slightest inconsideration can lead to a huge loss. So if you want to know more about phishing and the dangers that are associated with it, call us at our toll-free number at +1 877 207 6367.

38. Is there any auto-renewal option in The PC Antivirus?

The renewal program in The PC Antivirus is enabled through the following link:
In case, any technical error or malfunction hinders your way of understanding The PC Antivirus policies and services, call us at our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and demand for quick assistance.

39. Is there an endpoint security with specific ransomware protection?

A network endpoint security is referred to a methodology of protecting the corporate network that protects the system when it is accessed through any device like laptops or any other wireless and mobile devices. They protect the system from various security threats. The PC Antivirus has a 360-endpoint security with specific ransomware protection. It keeps your device safe from all forms of ransomware attacks.

40. Why are there different scan options in The PC Antivirus?

Frequent scanning of your computer by The PC Antivirus efficiently helps in protecting and preventing malicious ransomware. Other anti-viruses will confuse you with irrelevant scanning options. The PC Antivirus is configured with the most specific scanning options that examine multiple locations on your computer. It is proficient in detecting and repairing ransomware infected files. So different scan options are important to provide a 360 degree protection to your computer.

41. How do I upgrade my current The PC Antivirus program version to the latest version?

Whenever your license is about to expire, The PC Antivirus will update itself automatically, if internet connection is available. Virus databases updates are downloaded and installed every time a new update comes. However, Updates may be stopped if your system has low memory or internet connection is weak.
If your system has not been updated naturally, you can contact our technical support or computer maintenance department at +1 877 207 6367.

42. Why do I require an automated scan option in The PC Antivirus?

Advanced ransomware is not easily detected and is mainly formulated for causing a disturbance. They remain concealed in your computer without any alarming notification. However, they are definitely doing harm and unknowingly somebody else is having equal access to your computer system.
Therefore, performing scheduled scans with The PC Antivirus is highly recommended. It will ensure that no ransomware injects into your cyber system along with routine scrutiny of your entire PC.

43. Can I get a copy of my purchased license?

The copy of the license is given to the user during purchase. If you do not receive the copy of your purchased license, you can call us at our toll-free number at +1 877 207 6367. Our support team will guide you through all your inconvenience.

44. Will hackers have unauthorized access to my PC in spite of The PC Antivirus?

No. Hackers will not have unauthorized access to your PC; once you have, The PC Antivirus installed on your PC. In case any hacker tries to invade your system, The PC Antivirus will make sure that it gives you a threat notification immediately. The moment you have that notification, you will know how The PC Antivirus is working to safeguard your PC from sly hackers.

45. Can I transfer a license to another computer?

A single license key can be used on five different computers. Therefore, you do not need to transfer your license to another computer. Use the same key to activate the antivirus on another computer.
You can call us at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 for quick installation of the software on your computer.

46. Can I use my license for The PC Antivirus to activate Secure Line VPN and Cleanup?

Secure Line VPN and Clean Up activation is a complicated process. Using the antivirus license for activating the other two process is a difficult task.
We cannot guarantee the success of the activation.
You can call in our computer maintenance department or technical team at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 for activation of your Secure Line VPN and cleanup.

47. How do I update my The PC Antivirus Account email address?

For confidential reasons we do not provide email update access through The PC Antivirus website or application. Rather we have taken the responsibility on us. We understand your busy schedule and therefore, ask you to relax while our technical support team will be updating your account email address. All you have to do is to dial our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and the rest is up to us.

48. Does my PC's performance slow down during a PC scan?

No. The PC Antivirus is configured in such a way that it will not slow down your PC during system scan or installation. If your system is slowing down during scanning, you can get it fixed from our computer maintenance department. Call at the toll free number +1 877 207 6367, for a quick solution.

49. Is The PC Antivirus functional for Android devices?

Yes, The PC Antivirus is functional for Android devices. The framework is constructed to support all Windows and Android devices including PCs, Laptops and Smartphones.

50. Does The PC Antivirus scan webmail accounts?

The PC Antivirus scans all kinds of emails and prevents suspicious attachments from downloading. If your computer has downloaded suspicious attachments, it might be because your antivirus has expired. Call us at the toll free number +1 877 207 6367 for all your enquiries.

51. Can The PC Antivirus give me advanced protection?

The PC Antivirus has been designed by the best minds to give your PC advanced protection from all kinds of cyber threats and malicious virus. Every feature in The PC Antivirus is centrally focused towards the overall protection of your PC. We are proud to deliver advanced protection antivirus services to more than thousands of customers. If our words are not yet convincing, try the free trial version for 30 days and experience high-end antivirus protection on your PC.
Are we able to grab your interest? Help us to know by giving us a call at our toll-free number and we will do our best endeavour to help you know more about The PC Antivirus.

52. Can I turn off the Microsoft Windows Firewall when using the PC Antivirus?

Yes, you can turn of your Microsoft Windows firewall without hesitation. The PC Antivirus provides 360-degree protection against all kinds of viruses and keeps your system 100% safe.

53. Does The PC Antivirus has a technical support team? How to contact?

We have a certified team of qualified technicians who form a responsive and supportive technical team. We invest our best efforts to help our customers with technical queries and errors. The PC Antivirus is delighted to enforce such a technical team that is available for your every query, even if it is in the middle of the night.
You can contact our technical support team via our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 or write to us at

54. How much maintenance does The PC Antivirus require?

Antivirus software requires very low maintenance, and mostly a subscription payment over time. If your antivirus is running a high depth scanning of your system, if it is providing timely updates and keeping your system safe, then paying for your computer’s safety once in three years, is worth it. A licensed antivirus will remind you when your subscription is ending and will keep your system away from any virus.

55. Is there any free trial version of The PC Antivirus?

Yes, The PC Antivirus has a free trial version of 30 days after activation. After 30 days, the software will expire and you will have to renew it with a premium package.
To know about our services and packages, call us at +1 877 207 6367. Our support team will be answerable to all your queries.

56. Does this antivirus come with a mobile app?

Yes. Most antivirus comes with a well-configured android application. It provides 360-degree protection against all kinds of malicious viruses including ransomware. They do a high depth scan of your device and keeps you 100% safe.

57. My queries are not yet resolved. Whom should I contact?

If you are queries are not yet resolved, and still, confusion pertains, we are just a call away. Give us a ring at +1 877 207 6367 and get instant live support from our technical team.

58. My computer is working slow. Can it be because of The PC Antivirus?

Generally, anti-viruses come with multifarious features, out of which most are irrelevant or unnecessary in terms of antivirus protection. Due to these features, the overall antivirus application takes up a lot of storage space and in return makes the PC slow. Keeping this in mind, The PC Antivirus has been designed in a compact manner that focuses straight on Ransomware protection. Therefore, The PC Antivirus will not make your PC slow and work along the strict guidelines of the most necessary Ransomware protection.

59. How to troubleshoot download and installation issues with The PC Antivirus?

It takes 20 min to install or update an antivirus. If you are having any problems while installing an antivirus, follow these steps:
• Restart your computer.
• Click on installation link.
• When the window opens, click on Agree and continue.
• The initial installation will take at least 6 min.
• Once the installation is done, your antivirus will go through few other steps such as updating the latest version, preparing your computer etc. This can again take up to 6 min.
• When all updates are done you will have access to the trial version.
Still facing installation and update problems? Reach us for the quick solution. Call at +1 877 207 6367.

60. How to verify or remove subscription errors with The PC Antivirus?

Subscription errors are a common problem, and people often face them while resuming their subscription for a particular antivirus. If you are facing any such problems, you can follow these steps to sort out your problem.
• Restart your system: Restarting the system often solves these subscription errors. Rebooting your system causes the entire program to run again.
• Restart your internet connection: Improper internet connection can also cause problems while renewing subscription. If you are having a slow internet connection, trying restarting your Wi-Fi. This should help in resolving your problem.
• Start all over again: If your problems are not resolved even after trying out all the above-mentioned solution, uninstall your antivirus and reinstall it again. This is the ultimate solution. Try uninstalling it with Revo installer. This will delete the antivirus completely, even from the registry.
Hence, you will not have an issue while reinstalling it.

61. I am having problem in understanding The PC Antivirus packages. Please help.

To maximize antivirus protection, we have formulated flexible and affordable plans that will be best suited for your Windows and Android supported devices. The PC Antivirus’ plans come in three broad categories namely, Incidental, Gold and Platinum which is for 1 month, 3 months (1 PC) and 3 months (3 PCs) respectively.
If this answer is still not clear to you, there is no need to worry. Call us at our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and our qualified team of technicians will guide you through all your problems and queries.

62. Does The PC Antivirus works differently for trial and paid versions?

Yes, it does. A trial version is to give an idea of how an antivirus works and what are its salient features. Since it is unpaid, many have a conception that it does not work like the paid one. This is a myth. The trial version of The PC Antivirus functions equally good as the paid one. It is for you to experience the high-quality antivirus protection on your device before you pay for the original one. Remember to opt for the paid one only after you are convinced with visible positive results, which we are sure you would see.

63. What is the trial version validity for The PC Antivirus?

The trial version of The PC Antivirus comes with a validity of 30 days. Post to that you have to install the paid version for the continuation of The PC Antivirus protection on your devices. You may also refer to the The PC Antivirus plans by clicking on the following link:

64. Is there any reseller program for The PC Antivirus?

Yes, there is a reseller program for The PC Antivirus and its advantages are plenty:
 Very competitive end-user pricing.
 No minimum sales volume requirements.
 High initial discounts make it financially interesting even for small Resellers.
 The aggressive graduated discount structure ensures high returns for Resellers with high sales volumes.
 The PC Antivirus Technologies does not undercut our Resellers when upgrade or license renewal time comes round.
 As an The PC Antivirus Reseller, you will be our "feet on the street" providing added value to your local customers.
 An aggressive discount program for Government/Churches/Schools/Charities.

65. What is the email id of The PC Antivirus?

The email address for The PC Antivirus is In case, you are getting a late response give us an instant call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367, and we shall respond to every question you have.

66. Can The PC Antivirus remove unwanted browsing cache too?

Yes, The PC Antivirus has a basic feature that is effective in removing unwanted browsing cache. The application will scan the entire list of cookie scripts that are identified as suspicious and problematic.

67. Can I renew my license through The PC Antivirus website?

Renewing your license through The PC Antivirus website is unfortunately disabled. However, there is no need to be troubled. On the contrary, we have made your The PC Antivirus license renewing easier. Call us at our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367, where our qualified team of technical support are standing 24*7 for 365 days to provide you instant assistance. You may also write to us at our email-id:

68. I have lost my The PC Antivirus license number. Kindly help?

Well, you have no reasons to worry at all. If you have lost your The PC Antivirus license number, just give us a call at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367 and leave the rest to our proficient team of technical support.

69. How to manage or restore quarantine files?

You can manage your quarantined files in several ways. Some of them include:
• Saving quarantined files to a disk:
Once you decode a quarantined file, you can save it to the disk. But know that they DO contain live virus. So it is always recommended to save them only if you believe that they are false. To know more about saving a quarantined file call at +1 877 207 6367.
• Restoring quarantined file
Whenever you are trying to restore a quarantined file, it is going be rescanned again. Once you are restoring the files, the original virus will become active again. If your system has an antivirus, these files will not be restored.
• Exporting the list of quarantined files
The list of the files that are quarantined can be exported through few easy technical steps. This is useful whenever you are working on any kind of external files.

70. What do I do if the antivirus scanning stops at 98%?

System scanning takes almost up to 15 min. A full depth scanning can take even more than that. Therefore, you can seat back and relax while your computer is being detected for viruses. However, along with taking an ample amount of time, the virus scanning can also stop at 98%. We suggest you wait for some time.

71. What is the trial version validity for The PC Antivirus?

This can often happen due to slow internet or low memory in your system. If you are facing such troubles, you can get assistance at +1 877 207 6367. They will solve your problem and renew your antivirus subscription.

72. Is there a way to exclude certain files while scanning the system?

Even though it is not fully recommended, but you can exclude certain files from being scanned, in order to avoid false positive detections. The steps include:
• Open your antivirus.
• Click on settings.
• Click “scan options”
• Click on the types of files you want to scan.
• Click “Exclude media” to exclude the files you want to scan.

73. What is the way to change or reset the true key master password in the antivirus?

No, there is no way, where you can reset or change the true key master password. If you are having any problem in redeeming your master key password, you can call our certified technicians at +1 877 207 6367.

74. Who do I contact while the renewal of my antivirus?

You can contact our tech support department at the toll-free number +1 877 207 6367. They will solve all your problems, and the antivirus will be easily installed.

75. On what devices does The PC Antivirus works?

The PC Antivirus has been enabled to give advanced overall protection to all kinds of devices including PC, Laptop and Smartphones that is supported with Windows and Android operating systems.

76. Can I download The PC Antivirus from this website?

Yes, the provision of downloading of The PC Antivirus through our website is available. However, we strongly recommend you to give us a call at our toll-free number +1 877 207 6367, so that our responsive team of qualified technicians can personally assist you and help you in installing The PC Antivirus without any technical hitch. You may also go through our plans by clicking on the following link:

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